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Graduate Syllabi
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
PNGE 501 Petroleum Engineering Problems
PNGE 532 Introduction to Reservoir Simulation Syllabus
PNGE 533 Secondary Recovery of Oil by Water Flooding
PNGE 601 Fluid Flow in Porous Media
PNGE 632 Reservoir Simulation and Modeling Syllabus
PNGE 633 Advanced Secondary Recovery
PNGE 634 Pressure Transient Analysis Syllabus
PNGE 701 Environmental Issues in Petroleum Engineering
PNGE 710 Advanced Drilling Engineering Syllabus
PNGE 711 Advanced Productions Engineering Syllabus
PNGE 734 Advanced Reservoir Engineering Syllabus
PNGE 735 Advanced Formation Evaluation Syllabus
PNGE 770 Advanced Natural Gas Engineering Syllabus