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The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE) undergraduate curriculum is structured towards elements-of-design and its applications to real-life problems.

Beginning freshman year, the engineering design experience is stressed in the curriculum and builds upon the fundamental concepts of mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering sciences. Moreover, throughout the curriculum, engineering design experience is emphasized, both as segments of PNGE courses and in a stand-alone capstone design course.

Exercises in the design courses include projects and problems requiring technical reports and/or presentations. Realistic constraints "design-oriented courses" including Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Engineering and Natural Gas Engineering. This culminating design course uses all elements of the PNGE undergraduate curriculum.

The capstone design course requires the seniors to expound upon their knowledge of mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences and petroleum and natural gas engineering that they have learned throughout the curriculum in order to solve PNGE design problems with realistic constraints.

The students in this course are required to write a report and give a presentation upon completion of their design project at the conclusion of the semester. Teams of industry professionals judge the presentations for both technical content and presentation skills.

Student Organizations

PNGE students are encouraged to expand their professional development through participation in WVU Student Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the local section of Society of Petroleum Engineers, and Pi Epsilon Tau (the petroleum engineering national honor society). Both the WVU Student Chapter of SPE and the local section of SPE are exceedingly active on the campus.

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