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Petroleum and natural gas engineering is concerned with design and application aspects of the discovery, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas resources. Professionals in this field must have a thorough understanding of the geological principles relating to the occurrence, discovery, and production of fluid hydrocarbons. The petroleum and natural gas engineer must know and be capable of applying both conventional engineering design principles as well as those pertaining specifically to the field of petroleum and natural gas engineering. These are developed in the petroleum engineering courses in the curriculum. In addition, a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences broadens the future engineer's professional capabilities. Because many engineers will be employed as supervisors or executives, managerial and social skills are also emphasized.

Students are offered the opportunity to enter all phases of the petroleum and natural gas industry in meaningful and important jobs, continue their education towards advanced degrees, or - in some cases - pursue a combination of professional employment and continued education.

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The bachelor of science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering (PNGE) at West Virginia University will help you achieve personal and professional success. Encompassing the various design and application aspects involved in the discovery, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas resources, the PNGE program will guide you through a deep curriculum focused on developing engineering fundamentals and honing your creativity, providing you with exceptional opportunities for lifelong personal rewards and career advancement.

Upon making the decision to further your career as a Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineer, you will have one of the best opportunities to obtain the skills necessary for lifelong success.

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering is concerned with design and application aspects of the discovery, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas resources.

The Bachelors of Science degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org .

Fields of Study

Drilling Engineering

Applying engineering expertise to the procedures involved in drilling for oil and natural gas.

Evaluation of Oil and Gas Reserves

Calculating the recovery potentials of oil and gas reservoirs and predicting reservoir performance under a variety of production methods for maximum conservation.

Petroleum Properties

Utilizing knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of petroleum to extract, transport, and process it for maximum benefit and minimum environmental impact.

Production Engineering

Applying engineering expertise to the many phases of oil and gas production, reservoir development, drilling and pumping systems to well stimulation and storage.

Rock Properties

Applying knowledge of the earth's rock structures and characteristics to the discovery and extraction of petroleum and natural gas.

Transport Phenomena

Understanding and applying the principles of fluid dynamics and heat transfer to the many aspects involved in moving oil or gas through pipes, including drilling hydraulics, flow calculations, flow measurements, and fluid machinery.

Other Opportunities in Shale Gas Industries

Acceptance into the Statler College's bachelor's degree program in petroleum and natural gas engineering is highly competitive. Beginning with the summer 2014 semester, enrollment into the program will be based on an applicant's college-level GPA.

There are a variety of opportunities to earn a degree at West Virginia University in an area impacted by the shale gas boom. Click here to download more information.


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Samuel Ameri
MRB 321A

Kashy Aminian
Graduate Coordinator, Probation, Second Degree
MRB 325C

Fatemeh Belyadi
MRB 333C

H. Ilkin Bilgesu
MRB 325A

Ali Takbiri Borujeni
MRB 333D

Ebrahim Fathi
MRB 333B

Ming Gu
MRB 333A

Shahab Mohaghegh
MRB 325B

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